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Model / Serial Number Guide


Your tag will be a small white sticker, no bigger than a business card, normally found under the seat, near the battery box.

Model Numbers are 6 digits long and usually begin with the number "8" or "9".

Other places to check

From where you would be standing/sitting on the unit when in use...

Zero-Turn Units
Back left side of the frame, near the engine or under the foot rest on the left side.
Rear Engine
Rear Engine Riders
Left or right side of main frame right below or under the seat.
4-Wheel Tractor
Front left or front right side of the tractor frame or on the right side of the dash support
Walk Behinds
Walk Behinds
Top or right side of rear discharge opening
GT Tractor
GT Tractors (7173-H)
Older units are located at the front right side of the tractor frame.
Log Splitter
Log Splitters
Underneath the log rest area, on the frame.
Push Mower
Push Mowers
On top of the deck, beside the discharge chute
Between the handles, facing the user.


For engine and hydro pump parts not listed on this site, look for a printed tag on the engine and give us a call - we're here to help!

With hydro pumps, common parts (such as cooling fans) can be changed mid-line and differ wildly between units in the same series.

For accurate identification of hydro pumps, look for the unit's serial number. This will be printed on a sticker on the pump, or stamped on the unit's casing for older style pumps.

Hydro Label


Most often, these tags are riveted to the machine. However, unlike modern units, the serial number is more important than the model number, and can almost serve as a blueprint of your Gravely unit. When in doubt, find the serial number first and give us a call!

Other Places to check

From where you would be standing/sitting on the unit when in use...

4-Wheel Tractors

4-Wheel Tractor400 Series
Left hand side of advance casting (between engine and transmission).

800 & 8000 Series
Top of engine adaptor plate, seat pan support bracket, or instrument panel.

8000-G Series
Right hand instrument panel brace, under the hood.

G.E.M. (Gravely Estate Mower)
Left hand front frame, below the engine.

If you have found the Serial number and still have no Model number, then click here for the "Gravely Serial to Model Chart".